Instrument of war

facebook as weapon of war

In 4-5th generation warfare informational resourses are used for acheiving the main purpose – win the war. Social media and social networks has became warfield. Facebok with it’s politics, alongside Moscow support team is clearly siding russian aggresion in silencing “desired people” up. With all means they have, in almost-ligitimate cases. But the main thing is how they do it. Support that does not suppoprt it’s customers is not staying aside conflict, but is siding aggressor in his boldly actions and stays aside when their help is really needed.

We all heard about “real name policy”, me too, but as i never used any name but my own it was just another story. But one day I’ve got warning about using “not my name”, it was a surprise – as I suspected someone of people in my friend list was bulling me. Bulling in real life for political and democratic position, but this time in facebook too.

So I’ve sent passport to facebook-support as they asked for confirmation. A week later facebook suspended my account – and did not responded me for the first issue. I tried to enter and found new form to appeal – so sending my ID for the second time. Now my account is suspended “We’ll take a look at the documents you submitted and get back to you. If we need more help confirming your name, we’ll reach out for additional documentation.” for more then a month!

I am an activist, professor, blogger and I use my own name and behave properly and decent. Still facebook decided to shut my mouth up and don’t react at all. Everything I can now is just wait. And it is 800 hours of waiting! Seems their support is siding aggressors who humiliate me and lots of free people in my country and doesn’t care any consequences they lead to. Or it is absolutely clear personal aggression against me, then facebook is not just an instrument, but offender himself.

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